Discovery Space Shuttle cake for my ‘out of this world’ husband!


With only a week and half to go until Kev’s birthday I was struggling for a theme and present ideas.  As the panic started to set in I sat down and went through some ideas, bouncing them off people at work to get their thoughts and opinions.  It was decided space had to be the theme of the birthday as 2013 would always be the year Kev nearly got to space!

For presents I got him a portable telescope and some new rockets, his card was a rocket card that took off and his cake was a Space Shuttle – to be precise – the Discovery space shuttle.  I decided I needed to get him a rocket that would get him to Space as Lynx hadn’t sorted it for him.

The card was a lot of fun to make and I think it may be the start of having fun with movable cards.  I made a template out of printer paper and once happy that it would work I made it out of black card and stuck it all together.  You have to make a rocket noise as you lift the rockets up as I haven’t ventured into audio cards just yet – maybe next year!

The cake had to be planned out as I try and do as much of it as possible when Kev is out the house. I had Tuesday night whilst he headed to the basketball to bake it and get it in the freezer.  Then Friday night to decorate it however we had a baby shower for my sister in law on Friday after work and we had Aunty Wendy and Cousin Emma staying over.  After having so much fun at the baby shower I had no desire to start on the cake at 10.30pm Friday night so this left me about 2 hours Saturday morning to get the cake, carved, covered and decorated – this could prove interesting!

Saturday morning I set my alarm for 9am and got up and headed straight to the kitchen. I had Emma on standby in case I needed assistance or backup and Kev was in bed so out the way for the secret cake work.

I got busy carving the cake using the diagram I had made showing how long and wide everything needed to be.  I then butter-creamed it all together and covered it with white ready to roll icing.  I then decorated it using the pictures I had printed of a real Discovery Space Shuttle.  I mixed black colour paste with rejuvenator spirit and painted the black detail on.  It took me 2 ½ hours to complete the cake and I was pretty impressed with this.  It turned out well and looked like a space shuttle yeay!  If I had more time I may have spent longer on the detail as the real space shuttle has a little more on it including American flags and I would like to have done a bit more with the boosters and tail of the shuttle,  but I had to step away.

I am not sure this cake will be of any use to get Kev to space as we have eaten most of it now, but it was delicious and Kev deserved a fantastic cake for being a fab husband and amazing cake assistant!


Discovery Space Shuttle
Discovery Space Shuttle

kevs space shuttle birthday cake (1)

kevs space shuttle birthday cake (3)

We never seem to get very good photographs of the cakes I make for Kev’s birthdays, we must try harder!


4 wheel BMW for a special 21st Birthday

I had two fantastic shaped cakes to do in the same week, both with black icing which is always fun as it gets rather messy!  You have to clean everything once its been used with black before using with any other colour as the black seems to get everywhere.

I was asked if I could do a shaped cake with a model of the birthday boy for a special 21st birthday.   I was given a picture of a cake they had found that they liked and asked if I could do something similar.  It was a tricky one as we were not 100% sure on the actual make of the car so I had to use the picture, which was fab for reference but I was aware I may be missing any specifics that make a cake extra special.  I was given the number plate the birthday boy was getting for his birthday which was perfect for making the car unique to him.

I made the car by stacking up 8″ square cakes and carving from it.  I always make templates from card first for any vehicle cake, as they can be used as a guide for size and shape and I find they make the carving part much easier and reduce chance of error.

Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling.