Guardians of the Galaxy birthday cake.

3 months of house work has meant no cake blogging, some time for a catch up!!


For anyone who has watched Guardians of the Galaxy will probably have also fallen in love with Groot!  When I was asked to make a Groot themed cake I was very happy to say yes!


I wanted to keep the cake design simple and decided to cover it in blue icing with stars, however instead of cutting out stars and sticking them on I decided to try spray painting them using edible spray paint.  I set up a spray area using a cardboard box as you will find when using these sprays that it does get everywhere!


I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (3)


I cut out a circle of paper with stars cut out of it and placed it on top of the cake, with a coller placed around the cake with more stars cut out of it.  I then placed the cake in the spray area and sprayed away!  It turned out ok for the first go.  I somehow may need to get the paper a little tighter around the cake to sharpen up the stars but I was really happy with how it turned out.


I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (2)

I had so much fun modelling Groot out of icing and since the cake has all been eaten Groot has sat in the birthday boys fridge so he can be seen everytime they open it for something!

I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (1)

Fabulous handmade cakes by Hours of Fun!

A few more cakes to catch up on before we become all about Christmas!  First up is a special birthday cake made for a 30th celebration.  This cake was a 2 tier chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling.   Each tier was decorated with printed photographs of the birthday girl, they were printed onto icing and backed with a black icing boarder.  The cake topper was a guitar made out of Fimo modelling clay with shooting stars coming out the top.  The birthday girl is a massive Stereophonics fan so the guitar was styled on a Gibson SG which is one of the guitars Kelly Jones is known for.



This cake was so much fun to make and I got to use my musical notes mould for the design.  I also loved the opportunity to make another cake topper out of Fimo which will be a forever keepsake for the birthday girl to remind her of her special day and birthday cake.


Next up is a cake for a crossword lover and Liverpool FC fan.  This cake was a 10” vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.  Decorated to look like a table covered in a table cloth.  On the top of the cake there was a partly completed crossword puzzle and pen with a cup of coffee, with the mug decorated with a liver bird Liverpool Football Club design.


I loved making the table cloth for this cake, decorating the pink cover with daisies cut out of white icing, then using the same daisy cutter to emboss onto the white piece of table cloth.  The crossword puzzle was printed onto edible rice paper and the pen and cup were made from fondant icing.  If doing this cake again I think I would get the crossword printed out onto icing rather than rice paper as I think printed icing gives a better finished look than printed rice paper.

Last up are cupcakes decorated with printed photographs for the birthday boy.  The birthday boy’s wife sent over a selection of photographs she wanted to include and I ordered them online to be printed onto icing from EdiblePrints.  The quality of the photographs sent over was good, when they are printed onto icing they do lose a little of the quality but still looked fabulous.  The cupcakes were made up of two flavours – lemon and vanilla and they smelt delicious when all displayed in the box together.  Each cupcake was decorated with a swirl in buttercream then topped with a circle of black icing, with the edible photograph on top.


Jimmy Choo high heel cake for a special 30 + 10 birthday girl

This cake was made for a birthday party to celebrate Trisha tuning 40 (or 30+10!).

The shoe box was made from a 10″ square vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream.  It was covered in white icing and given a lid made out of black icing.  The bright pink went perfectly with the black and white and roses were placed around the cake, along with a bow and ribbon.

For the high heel shoe I used Renshaws modelling paste.  It was the first time I had used this brand of modelling paste as I have always used Squires however they didn’t have any white Squires flower paste left in stock at the shop.  I sought advice from the shop keeper and they recommended Renshaws as they use it for their models all the time and love it.

I coloured it pink using fuchsia pink edible colouring and using a shoe template I cut out the parts needed for the shoe, put it together and left it to dry.  Cake toppers can be tricky at times when trying to ensure stability, especially when it’s warm weather.  I ended up making 3 shoes before I was happy with the final look and confident it would stay stood up.

Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (4)

Hints and tips I learnt

  1. When it’s really warm use a piece of card underneath the sole of the shoe in an appropriate colour to help with the structure.
  2. Put all the pieces together as quickly as possible before letting it stand to completely set, as playing with it once it starts to set only upsets it and can cause cracks.
  3. Provide support for the shoe whilst it is setting to help it keep its shape – I made a stand out of card and tape which I placed under the arch until it was set.

I really enjoyed making this cake even with the shoe troubles in the warm weather.  I hope Trisha had the best birthday ever and enjoyed eating cake to celebrate.

Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (3)
Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (1)

5 tier wedding cake with personalised handmade fimo cake toppers


This has to be, to date, my favourite cake I have made 🙂  I really enjoyed making it and it turned out to be the tallest cake I have created.

This wedding cake was 5 tiers of different flavours.  The bottom tier was Limoncello sponge cake, next tier up was Chocolate Orange with chunks of Chocolate Orange in the sponge, next was vanilla sponge with salted caramel buttercream, then a traditional victoria sponge with raspberry filling, with the top tier being fruit cake with marzipan.

Each tier was over 10cm tall.


Clarkee and Burkeys Wedding April 2014 (3)

The cake toppers were made from Fimo and were personalised with little traits to represent the Bride, Groom and their little girl, I also did a bunch of Fimo flowers so they can all be kept together as a keepsake.  I provided a clear box for them to be displayed in, which will also help keep them dust free.

Clarkee and Burkeys Wedding April 2014 (6)

The flowers were made from flower paste.  They were white ranunculus which were the same flowers the Bride’s bouquet was made up off.  I hadnt made a ranunculus before and they were a little tricky as the first three I made just looked like roses!  I finally realised it was the cutter I was using, so I headed to Centre Attraction in Old Swan and bought a new petal cutter set which solved all my problems and allowed me to create some gorgeous flowers.

Real Ranunculus
Real Ranunculus 

Sugar paste ranunculus
Sugar paste ranunculus








We were invited to the Evening Do and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying the cake and discussing the flavours.  Chocolate Orange has since become my new favourite flavour too!

The Bride and Groom have a love of Limoncello which is why they requested a tier of the cake to be this flavour.  The sponge was made using lemon juice and rind, then once baked and cooled the cake was drizzled in a Limoncello syrup before being covered in icing.   I used a Jamie Oliver recipe for this – click here to visit his page.

For this cake I used Massa Ticino ready roll fondant for the first time and WOW!  It was tough to use at first as it was rather hard and difficult to knead, but once I started rolling it out and covering the cake I was hooked.  The fondant is very easy to use, it doesn’t tear or create any elephant skin corners and gives the cake a near perfect finish.   It is more expensive than other brands so maybe not worth using on all cakes, but I will be using it for all future wedding cakes as the finish it provides is priceless.

Wishing Clarkee and Burkey a long and happy marriage together and enjoy your fruit cake at Christmas 🙂




Catching up on 2015 cakes – next up scooters and record players

I was asked to make 2 cakes for a special person turning 60.  They were having a weekend away with family and a party – of which both occasions needed a cake!

The theme we went for was the birthday boy’s scooter, his pride and joy he had bought a couple of years ago.

Cake number 1 was a round 8″ chocolate sponge cake covered in white icing.   It had a scarf draped around it in the Everton colours and a model of the scooter and the birthday boy on top.  The scooter was made from ready roll icing mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen it and it had a few lolly pop sticks in it to help it stay stood up.

I have since heard from the birthday boy that he placed the model of himself on top of the scooter and has kept them in a box with all the cake toppers taken from his son’s birthday cakes – they must have quite a random selection in this box including Mike the Knight, Darth Vader and George on a scooter!!

Georges 60th cake 1 scooter and george everton colours

The second cake was for the party and more cake was needed so we went for 2 tiers of chocolate sponge cake, one 10″ square and one 8″ square.

The bottom tier was decorated as a Union Jack flag – this was the only section of the cake that was allowed to have red on it, as the birthday boy is a fanatic Everton fan so it’s blue all the way for him!

The top tier was decorated to look like a record player and we had one of his favourite records playing – Play that funky music.  The arm for the needle was made from a GBS Chocolate mint stick, these are similar to Matchmakers but are smooth on the outside and 1 stick was the perfect size for the record player.

Happy Birthday George – hope you have finally recovered from all the celebrations!!


60th birthday mod record player union jack cake (1)

Back to the Future Wedding Cake

So the 21st of October 2015 was the date in Back to the Future II that Marty McFly and the Doc travelled to, from 1985.  Scott and Dave took this as their theme for their wedding and had asked for a Back to the Future themed wedding cake – this was going to be super exciting!!

The plans started coming together and the cake included a model of the delorean, a hover board with boots, the clock face from the famous clock tower and fimo models of the 2 grooms along with their pet dogs – it was jammed packed with character.

My friend Chris made the fimo models of the 2 grooms and the 2 dogs and they turned out super cute.

Fimo cake toppers
Fimo cake toppers


The delorean was made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies, covered in icing, with the detail then added.  It was lifted off the board slightly with the wheels turned so it looked like it as taking off.  A couple of LED lights were added to the back of the car too, which when set up reflected on the nearby wall and looked fantastic.

Lights for the Delorean
Lights for the Delorean


The hover board was made from icing mixed with tylo powder to give it the strength to keep its shape.  The boots were made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies and then covered in icing.  We also had the time display from the delorean printed onto edible icing with significant dates on it which sat behind the boots and board, again with another LED light pointing up at it.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (17)

The fimo models were placed on the top tier of the cake with the clock face inbetween Scott and Dave, and we used another LED light behind the clock.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (7)

This cake was so much fun to make and using LED lights in the cake design for the first time was alot of fun.  They are small twist on LED battery powered lights and they stay lit for hours and don’t get hot, so you position them, switch them on and step away.


I had to purchase a new tool for the cake which was a rainbow dust pearlescent white click-twice brush, this was to create the lightening effect detailed over each tier.  Sadly the brush was too thick to use to draw the lightening, however I simply squeezed some of the pearlescent dust out into a small tray, then using a very thin paint brush I added the detail and it worked brilliantly.

A western themed cake for a special boy turning 7

I was honoured to be asked to a birthday cake I have done for a few years now, this time the birthday boy would be turning 7 and he was keen to get involved in the design of his cake.  We had a chat over the telephone and he explained he would like a western cake with two cowboys having a duel with one cowboy on a horse and this cowboy was the one to be shot by the other cowboy.  After explaining I wouldn’t be able to actually get the cake to act out the scene but that I would do my best to create this idea the cake order was booked in.

The cake was a chocolate two tier cake made with chocolate frosting filling.  The bottom tier was an 8” square and the top tier was a 6” square.  The cakes were covered in ready roll icing coloured beige/sandy to create a desert effect.  The cowboys and horse were made from icing mixed with tylo powder to strengthen and harden it as tylo powder helps the models keep their shape and structure.  They also had cocktail sticks inside with lolly pop sticks going into the cake to keep them in place.  I had ordered some edible printing with the birthday message on and some cowboy designs which were added to the cake.  I then made some cacti and grass from green coloured icing to finish off the design.

Western theme
Western theme

I heard back from the birthday boy that he had loved his cake and had a fantastic birthday.  Who knows what challenge I will be set next year!

To see the cake I made last year click here and for the year before click here.


Put 'em up!
Put ’em up!

Ride 'em cowboy!
Ride ’em cowboy!




3 cake week – Cake number 3 – Star Wars battle of good v evil

Tom was turning 6 this year and after last years cake which was the Mike the Knight cake the challenge was on to produce something good.  The Mike the Knight cake still goes down as one of my favourite cakes I have ever made.  I was really happy with the modelling and the castle, the whole piece looked fab and I really enjoyed making it.  It also introduced me to Mike the Knight for the first time!

Mike the Knight - last years cake
Mike the Knight – last years cake

This year the theme was Star Wars as Tom has recently found Star Wars and has quickly fallen in love with everything about it.  He had asked his dad if he could have cake with Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi having a light saber duel with a storm trooper standing by.

With having three cakes due in one week it was imperative I was super organised with the modelling and spent the weekend before modelling the 3 characters and allowing them time to set.  The models were made from fondant mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen them.  They had round white lolly sticks inside them to help them stand up and I made the 2 duelling on a board covered in icing so I could easily place this board on top of the cake once it was finished.  The light sabers were also made from white lolly sticks painted with edible colouring.

The cake was a 6″ and an 8″ chocolate sponge stacked, with chocolate frosting filling.  Covered in blue fondant with lots of yellow stars and some shooting stars placed on wire, placed into the cake using flower picks (as this stops the wires going straight into the sponge cake).

I really enjoyed making this cake and the birthday boy seemed really happy with it.  I checked with him on delivery that I had given them the right light sabers which Tom told me I had – phew!

Happy Birthday Tom, hope you had the BEST weekend celebrating.

Star wars themed cake
Star wars themed cake

Obi Wan Kenobi v Darth Vader
Obi Wan Kenobi v Darth Vader

Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

Storm Tropper
Storm Tropper



Louise ad Emlyn’s wedding cake 4 tier wonky purple, silver and ivory

When we heard the exciting news about our friends tying the knot we knew a fantastic cake was to be created for their special day.  We sat with the happy couple and went through some ideas with them to gain an insight into would like.  The decision was made to make a wonky cake (also known as a mad hatter cake, tospy turvy cake or asymmetrical cake).

I was a little nervous about this as I had not done a wonky cake as a wedding cake before and the idea of making a wonky cake look wedding cake perfect seemed a challenge, however I was working with my cake partner in crime Lou Lou and I had great faith that she could carry us through this challenge.

We had the style sorted, colour scheme as purple, silver and ivory, our friend Chris was making a fimo bride and groom along with fimo models of their cats as a surprise and we were having petal paste flowers – the plan was in place.

I headed over to Lou Lou’s house with the petal paste flowers, where she had baked the cakes all ready for decorating and we got to work icing and decorating the cake.  It took us two evenings to get the cake finished and it all went fairly smoothly.  We work really well as a team, getting on with things, talking things through when needed, keeping on top of the cleaning and mainly having fun.  By the end of the first night we had a clean kitchen along with a cake all iced and stacked ready for the detail.  The second night we had Chris with us as he had finished the fimo characters and they were ready for the cake.  We set to decorating the cake, added the bride, groom, cats and flowers to get an idea of the finished piece and then stepped away happy with our creation.

The cake was set up at the wedding in time for the wedding breakfast as a surprise as they were not expecting it to be set up until the evening do.  The cake looked amazing and the happy couple loved it.  Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Jones, we had such a fantastic day and wish you years of happiness and laughter together.  Thanks for letting us make your wedding cake we had a lot of fun!

4 tier wonky wedding cake
4 tier wonky wedding cake

<img class="size-medium wp-image-5287" alt="Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom " src="×195.jpg" width="300" height=" Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom

Handmade fimo cat
Handmade fimo cat

Handmade cat & flowers
Handmade cat & flowers


The top tier was lemon which we placed in a box and gave to the bride and groom to take home and enjoy.  The second tier was chocolate, then lemon, with the bottom tier vanilla.  The flowers we white roses and purple lisianthus made from edible petal paste.  I had never made lisianthus before and I am now proud to add them to my flower collection.

Cake toppers made to order

I have had a few orders recently for cake toppers without the cake. When no cake is required for the order it means that work is based at the table with all the cake tools out, and it is fun playing around with icing, rice crispy square (for the larger models), colours and techniques.

Hours of Fun do not advise you eat the cake topper.  They are made of edible ingredients, however sometimes the icing has to be hardened using Tylo powder and wires are used for the frame of the model to strengthen it.

Orders for cake toppers only over the last few weeks were Minnie Mouse, a Hockey player and the Everton Badge.

The hockey player is my favourite, I really enjoyed making her and had fun adding the detail to the hockey stick.

Hockey Player
Hockey Player

Hockey Player
Hockey Player

Everton Badge
Everton Badge


Minnie Mouse cake topper