Flower pot cake, full of gorgeous flowers for a flower lover!​

For my friend’s birthday I was keen to bake her a cake as we are saving pennies at the moment and I think a homemade cake makes a lovely gift for someone rather than turning up empty handed.
My friend Charlie has recently started up her own florist business – Charlie’s flower Boutique and she is fast becoming an expert in flowers and produces fabulous bouquets and wedding packages. This therefore set the theme for the cake – flowers!
I fancied having a go at baking a cake in a terracotta flower pot so headed to Taskers to get a brand new pot, headed home to wash it and let it completely dry. I then placed 2 layers of greaseproof paper over the bottom, covering the hole, then covered the sides of the pot in 2 layers of greaseproof paper, wiped it all over with some cake release then set to mixing the cake ingredients. I went for the same mixture I would use for a 8” square cake which actually was a little more than I needed so we got 6 cupcakes from it too – bonus!
The cake baked at 160 degrees for about 1 hour and 50 minutes. It wasn’t the best baked cake it was cooked but a little heavy – it lacked the light and fluffiness I like my sponges to have. I think next time I would maybe bake it for a little longer and a slightly lower temperature.
I then set to slicing the sponge, layering it up with buttercream then covered it in pink icing. I added a stripe of icing around the top before I covered it, as the rim at the top of the pot needed defining a little more. I then grated some brown ready roll icing to over the top of the cake for the soil and started to make flowers.
When making flowers you need to let them rest overnight ideally, then you can shine them by holding them over a steaming kettle – let them rest again – then dust them using edible dust colours and shimmers. I made roses, carnations, cala lilies, sunflowers and fuchsias, along with 2 different shapes of leaves. When placed on the pot they looked fab and filled the space well.
The day before the cake was due, a friend and I had headed to the cake show at Event City and I have treated myself to a mould of alphabet bunting so I had to then try it out! I put Charlie in bunting around the board. It was easy to use and came out really well, I need a little practice but think I will be using my bunting mould a lot!

Flower pot cake
Flower pot cake
flower pot close up
flower pot close up

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