Frozen Birthday cake – The Frozen craze continues!

My niece was turning 7 and like many other girls this age she absolutely loves Frozen.  Hours of Fun had been booked to do her birthday party with a Frozen theme therefore we had to have a frozen cake.

I was originally going to make a doll cake and buy her the Elsa doll as her present which would first be used for the cake, however a quick check in with her mum confirmed she already had Elsa.  Sadly for Anna she just doesn’t have a good a dress for a doll cake!  I then decided to go for a 2D effect Elsa cake as I had seen a few when searching the internet for ideas and they looked really effective.

The cake was a vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream filling.  Made from a 10″ square cake cut to create a rectangle.  I then cut individual pieces out and placed them on the cake to form Elsa/  The last part I did was her hair as I platted three pieces of icing to give a raised plait effect on the cake.  Then with a few snowflakes and some glitter the cake was ready for the birthday girl.


Elsa cake
Elsa cake

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