No gluten sponge cake recipe

A while ago I was asked to make a wedding cake with a no-gluten sponge cake as one of the tiers.  I did lots of research and found a simple recipe that I liked and produced a nice tasting sponge.  However it did need developing as the sponge was rather delicate and would not allow any type of carving to be done for a shaped cake or take a lot of weight if I was required to stack them.

4 tier stacked
4 tier stacked

I have not had a lot of demand for no-gluten cakes so when the opportunity came this year to make 2 cakes I decided it was time to perfect the recipe.  I had been told that Xanthan gum could be used to make the sponge stronger and denser so I headed to Sainsbury’s and found it in the ‘free from’ range.

I used the recipe I already had and made an 8” round cake and added a teaspoon of Xanthan gum to the recipe, I added it with the dry ingredients, following the method as normal.

WOW – I was so impressed with what difference a teaspoon of something could make to the cake.  The delicious taste of the sponge was still there however now it felt like a stronger cake.  You could cut it and it didn’t fall to pieces, in fact when the cake was cut into slices you could pick the slice up and eat it, where as previously the advice would have been to grab a plate and maybe even a fork!

I made a no-gluten cake for my dad’s birthday and previously when I have made a no-gluten cake for the family there have been comments that it’s just not as good as a normal sponge, however this time they couldn’t’ tell the difference.

Miniature schnauzer
Miniature schnauzer

I also made one for my friend’s gran’s 80th birthday party and the feedback received from those who were gluten intolerant was fantastic, they said they had never tasted a no-gluten sponge cake as good as this before.

Cat cake
Cat cake

If you have a no-gluten recipe for any bake and find it lacks strength and stability, try adding a little xanthan gum to the recipe and see if this takes your recipe from tasty to perfect!

Download the recipe I use here and get baking – CLICK HERE

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