Chocolate Chip Cookies – delicious, addictive and easy to bake!

The first thing I can recall making that made me fall in love with baking was chocolate chip cookies.  I have memories of baking at home with my mum and making things in home economics at school, however I first made these cookies not long after I left University.  They are so easy to bake and it has always amused me that they can turn out slightly different every time you make them depending on how well they are mixed, how you put them on the baking tray or depending on what ingredients you use.

I have recently made them for a work’s leaving do and a few different charity coffee mornings and they have been a big hit.  I have also been working on getting them to be an even shape as when selling them at a charity coffee morning I felt it was important to have them equal in size and shape.  My trick to this is to use an ice cream scope to put the mixture onto the baking tray, just sprinkle a little flour in the scope to stop the mixture sticking.

I have been asked for this recipe so thought I would add it to my crafts download page and share it will all, to encourage everyone to get baking cookies – its worth it!

Head over to the Hours of Fun crafts and hobbies page and download the recipe.


Any problems with the download let me know.


Happy Baking!

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