Fun at The Festival of Firsts in Hoylake on a milk float!

Hours of Fun have been speaking with Claire House about working with them and they brought to my attention The Festival of Firsts.  I contacted the organisers to find out if we could get involved and were asked if we would decorate a milk float – the answer straight away was yes!

We arrived at Morton Diaries in Hoylake around 10am on Saturday morning and set to work decorating the milk float.  We had balloons, banners, backdrops, superheros, pirates, felt kites, butterflies and monsters made from empty milk bottles.  When we had finished it looks fab – bright and colourful which is exactly what Hours of Fun is all about!

We jumped on the back of the float and headed to the start of the parade.  When we arrived we had to do some emergency fixing of some decorations which had fallen down along the way and we had lost 3 of the 4 milk bottle monsters.  Then the organiser Barbara arrived on her milk float and they had collected 2 of the fallen monsters on their journey over!

We joined the parade along with lots of different bicycles and tricycles, a Blackpool pleasure beach bus and other wonderful parade goers.  We waved all the way round and got lots of waves back.  We had a cow in the passenger seat of the milk float which everyone loved as we passed them.

We had a fantastic time, it was an extremely fun yet random Saturday adventure!


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