3D John Sutch crane – at times I just hear myself saying yes…!!

When providing ideas for a cake request I like to include options which present different types of cake, across a variety of prices.  I was asked to do a cake for a customer who has booked their wedding cake in with me, to be made this September and she asked for a crane.

I sent over ideas for a 2D design, a small crane modelled as a cake topper and a 3D crane with the actual cake made as the crane – the order placed was for the latter – the challenge was on!

On the John Sutch website they provide full dimensions of each model of crane which was very helpful in designing the cake, although the cranes are rather long and slim and to make a cake to the correct dimension would require either a tiny cake or a very long board so adjustments had to be made to allow it to be made from a 10″ square cake.

Kev made the structure for the cake but cutting out pieces of wood that would be the base of the cake, lifting it off the cake board to allow for the wheels.

The cake was cut from a 10″ square, layered with buttercream and jam.  Each section of the crane was covered in icing and decorated with detail.

The arm of the crane was supported by a piece of cake board cut to size and supported with rise crispie squares covered in icing.  This meant everything about it was edible.

I really enjoyed making this cake and was happy that I had risen to the challenge and succeeded.  Apparently a photograph of the cake was even sent over to John Sutch Cranes!


John Sutch crane
John Sutch crane
Cakes made for adults
Cakes made for adults
John Sutch Crane
John Sutch Crane





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