3 tier baby pink christening cake, with an elephant cake topper

Over three weeks I have had three christening cakes to do, all tiered and different in colour and design and they have all been a lot of fun to make.

Week one was a three-tier blue train themed cake (click here for the post and pictures)

Week two was a cake for my beautiful niece, four-tier Winnie the Pooh cake (click her for pictures)

Week three was a three-tier pink cake, simple design with an elephant cake topper.  This cake was fun to make and super heavy when finished as it was a lot of cake, the bottom tier was a 10″ 4 layer cake, with an 8″ and 6″ tier on top.

The bottom tier had stripes all the way around, made from rolling out white icing and cutting strips using my ribboner.  I also piped the pearl lines using white icing mixed with a little water.

The elephant was made from icing mixed with tylo powder to strengthen it, and it had a little wire in the trunk to help keep its shape.  The balloon was made out of icing as well, with silver wire to hold it up, placed in the cake using a flower pick – this stops the wire going directly into the sponge cake.

I hope they had a very special day and everyone enjoyed the cake.



Pink elephant cake
Pink elephant cake

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