A 3 tiered cake with a 2D train design

I was asked to make a christening cake for the super cute Finley and was given some photos of tiered cakes with a train design.  To create the best look the cake needed to be as tall as I could make it without having to bake two cakes for each layer.  This meant ensuring each tier had four layers of sponge with filling in between.

The cake was a mixture of chocolate and vanilla sponge across an 8″, 6″ and 4″ cake.   The train design was made using a ruler and cake knife to cut out the square shapes to build the train up, then using small circle cutters for the wheels.  The name for the top of the cake was made from foam and a lollypop stick – this meant it wasnt edible but it looked fantastic and would have proved tricky to make from edible products.

They were really happy with their cake and reported back that they had an amazing day celebrating the christening of Finley.


train cake
train cake
Train cake
Train cake

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