25th Wedding Anniversary celebration cake

I was asked to make a 25th wedding anniversary cake for a special couple for their party they were having to celebrate.  They provided a photograph of a cake they liked and asked for something similar.

The cake was a 2 tier lemon sponge cake with vanilla frosting filling covered in fondant.  The cake had fondant drapes (swags) around both tiers with bows on the corner – which I made using the bow mould I had borrowed from Victoria Rose.

The writing and bow needed to be in silver which can always be a bit of fun if you don’t have any edible silver spray as I find this is often the easiest way to create a fantastic silver effect.  I didn’t have any in the cupboard so I used edible silver powder and a paint brush, this can get messy so make sure you have kitchen roll out and a place for them to dry off.  Steaming them once you have covered them in silver can produce a fantastic shimmer on them too and remove any loose powder.

The models were made from fondant mixed with some petal paste to make them stronger, they also had a couple of cocktail sticks to make sure they remained stood up in position!

This cake was fun to make as it had a few different skills and decorations to be made.

Wishing Jayne and Michael a very happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.


Silver anniversary
Silver anniversary

25th wedding anniversary Michael and Jayne2

Happy couple
Happy couple

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