Hours of Fun craft table at Brockholes Nature Reserve – Sea Creature fun

Reposting this blog as for some reason it had dropped into the drafts folder – this craft fair took place last year!

Brockholes Nature Reserve is fast becoming my favourite place to craft fair.  It is a stunning location, unique in its design and set up, with lots to offer for a fun day out.

I did my second craft fair at Brockholes last weekend and it was a lot of fun.  The fair was run by crafty vintage who are fantastic at organising, promoting and delivering these events.  We were lucky enough to have the sun trying to shine through the clouds and plenty of people headed down to wander round the fair, watch and listen to the entertainment, have something to eat and drink and then head out for a walk round the nature reserve before heading home after a fun for all the family day.

The Hours of Fun craft stall was set up with the theme of the weekend being – Sea Creatures.  Those crafting could choose from a Seahorse, Crab, Fish, Dolphin, Whale, Crocodile or a paper plate which they could then make into any sea creature they wished.

Lots of fun was had and so many amazing creations were made.  We had some fantastic team work going on where the adults couldn’t help but get involved, rolling their sleeves up and being on glue duty!  They used sequins, pipe cleaners, pompoms, stickers, googly eyes, felt tips and crayons, scissors, paper, ribbon, feathers and anything else available  to make some spectacular Sea Creatures which they got to take home, with many planning on hanging them up in their bedroom.

The gallery below shows some of the finished pieces made at the craft table.  We had a couple of children who were on their way to creating master pieces but ran out of time, so we went through their ideas, bagged up any crafty bits and bobs and packed them off with what they needed to finish their master piece at home.

The Hours of Fun stall was busy too with lots of people taking advantage of the 4 items for £5 sale we had on.  Lots of face painting kits, fabric markers and paint by numbers were purchased, along with lots of learn to do tapestry kits, ribbons and material squares.


Our next fair is at Brockholes in October – Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October where we will have a Halloween themed craft table.

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