A fun day out at the Can Cook Studio in Speke

Our can cook studio day out

For Christmas last year we were given an amazing present of a Can Cook Studio session from my brother in law and his wife.  We had it booked in for March, but sadly due to me being poorly we couldn’t go and had to rebook.  After a long wait the date was finally here and we headed to Speke for our session with no idea what we going to find or have to do.

I had heard from Kurt who owns Fuel Shakes that the place was amazing, fully kitted out with kitchen equipment and kitchen pods available to hire by the hour which Fuel had used.  We arrived at the Studio which is located at the Matchworks, to be greeted with a beautifully laid out table with freshly baked scones, juice and tea and coffee.  After a delicious breakfast we headed to the display kitchen for the first demonstration going through what we will be making during the session and getting us started on the dough for the bread.  We then split off into pairs and got started on making 2 different types of bread – a focaccia and bloomer.  There was an air of competitiveness between Kev and I and following a comment on Kev’s dough advising it needed to look like mine, this competitiveness was embedded for the day!!

Whilst the dough was resting we headed back to the display kitchen to go through Cornish pasties which was next on the menu.  We learnt how to make pastry and learnt a few tips Kev is keen to try next time he makes some shortbread or a pie.  We were provided with the ingredients for the filling and headed back to our kitchen pods to get started.  We made a couple during the session then, due to time we boxed up the rest ready to be made at home.

Whilst the Cornish pasties cooked it was back to the display kitchen for the run through on sticky toffee pudding.  We made our own pudding and popped them in the oven along with the bread which was now ready for baking.  Whilst these were cooking we headed back to the dinning table to sit down with drinks and our homemade Cornish pasties for lunch.  We all really enjoyed our pasties, and making half the batch and eating them allowed us to identify any changes we wished to make to the filling before cooking the rest of them.

We left the Can Cook Studio with bags of food to take away with us and had had an amazing day.  They provided everything we needed, we had our own personal washer upper – Tony and we had a fun group of people who all seemed to really enjoy the session.  They didn’t rush us and made the session fun and interesting.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who fancies learning more about baking and cooking.  They do lots of other sessions; visit their website to learn more about them.

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