Mike the Knight birthday cake with Squirt Sparkie and Galahad

 mike the knight 5th birthday cake for Tom2

I had not seen an episode of Mike the Knight when this cake was first discussed and was not quite sure what I was letting myself in for! We did a little google research and decided on a model of Mike and the 2 dragons, Mike’s horse was mentioned but the idea of making a horse out of modelling was a tad scary so he was left out.  I then headed home, found the next episode due on TV and set it to record.  After watching my first ever episode I thought it was brill and I also thought that we really needed to include Galahad the horse in the modelling as throughout the program, wherever Mike and the dragons went, Galahad was with them.

I had lots of cakes on and lots of modelling to do so I set up camp at the dinning room table with all my cake stuff and spent the whole weekend modelling things out of icing!  After spending the past year or so trying to master modelling that was completely edible I have now made a U-Turn and decided to go with structure and stability.  I have decided it is far more important to ensure the model is sturdy, will last the duration and look the part. Many people keep the models as keepsakes and it leaves them free to enjoy eating the cake.

I started with the horse and used wooden kebab skewers to structure his legs and placed him on a piece of green icing that had some tylo powder in and some flower paste to ensure it kept firm.

I had so much fun making these models and I was really happy with how they turned out.  The cake was a lot of fun to make and turned out fab and the models stayed in place, with no arms or legs falling off yeay!  I will never return to all edible models now, but will always ensure I let them know they are not for eating.

All gone, with only the models left standing!
All gone, with only the models left standing!

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