Hours Of Fun Craft Countdown To Christmas. Make your own wreath – 2 Days To Go!

Hours of Fun are counting down the days until Christmas by sharing a different Christmas activity each day.  Starting on the 13th December with the last post being published on Christmas Eve.

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me………A beautifully decorated Christmas wreath!

Make your own Christmas Wreath.

Last year we decided to make our own wreath to add to the decorations around our house, so I headed out to buy some plain wreaths that were ready for decoration.  It is another Christmas craft that is super fun to make and you can be imaginative and creative as you wish, using all sorts of different things such as ribbons, fabrics, lights, embellishments, twigs, berries, pine cones…..Have a route through your Christmas box and craft box and talk a walk round your garden or head out for a winter walk and see what you find.

You can buy wreaths of different sizes and shapes, made from all sorts of materials such as grapevine, wicker, plastic, polystyrene and you can make your own.  You can buy ready made wreaths from craft shops including Hours of Fun! garden centres, local high street shops and maybe even at your local supermarket.  You need to choose the right wreath for your design and need.

We have an artificial one on our kitchen door decorated with bows, presents, flowers, pine cones and a set of star lights and it looks fantastic.  We also have some 4″ round grapevine wreaths, left plain that we use as candle holders and one we have made into a Christmas tree decoration.  The mini wreaths can be decorated and attached together to create a garland or unique decoration and the larger ones can make beautiful festive centre pieces and provide a fantastic greeting if placed on the front door.  In American Christmas movies they often have massive, decorated wreaths in offices and homes as a centre piece to a room.

You can use glue, thread and jewellery wire or garden wire to attach things to your wreath, make sure you don’t leave anything sticking out the front of the wreath and if using glue allow it to dry before hanging your wreath up.  You can buy hangers made for your door or use a nail, just make sure it is secure and isn’t going to fall on someones head!

Go for it!  Head to your garden and see what you can find, then clear a space and get crafting with your wreath and create the perfect addition to you Christmas decorations.  Pop down to see your local Christmas tree shop as they often will give you a bag full of tree cuttings for free.

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