Hours Of Fun Craft Countdown To Christmas. Make Your Own Stocking – 4 Days To Go!

Hours of Fun are counting down the days until Christmas by sharing a different Christmas activity each day.  Starting on the 13th December with the last post being published on Christmas Eve.

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me………A homemade Christmas Stocking!

Make your own Stocking

Everyone loves to have a stocking for Christmas.  You can hang is from the fireplace as a decoration or put it at the end of the bed for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.  You can buy all different types from lots of different places however you can also make your own and personalise it and they are pretty simple to make.

We have made stockings for presents that we fill for each other with little stocking filler gifts and we have also made smaller ones we hang as decorations in the lounge to add to the Santa’s grotto look we go for!

First thing you need to decide is how big you want your stocking.  For this example we will do the same size stocking as the larger ones you can see in the pictures.  These are big enough to put little gifts in, however you can follow these instructions and make a stocking the size of your choice.

Stocking size in this example – 40cm long, 15cm diameter across the top opening with a toe approx. 20cm in length.

We advise you read through all the instructions before starting to make your stocking.

You will need

Material – Fleece or felt is perfect for this project

White trim – fleece, fur etc.

Needle and thread (sewing machine optional)



Pencil and Ruler

Large sheet of plain paper / grease proof paper

Coloured material for decorations

Embellishments for decoration 

Piece of ribbon approx. 7cm long

How to make your stocking

Step 1 – Draw out the shape of your stocking onto the paper using a pencil and ruler.  Remember what ever size you draw the stocking, it will reduce by approx. 2 cm when sewing it together for the hem.    

The stockings we made would therefore be approx. 32cm long, 17cm wide at the top and 22cm long in the toe.  You can decide on the shape of the stocking giving it a curly toe, straight toe, equal width all the way down or allowing it to get slightly narrower nearer the foot.

Step 2 –  Cut out the stocking drawn on paper and pin it to your large piece of material.  Make sure you position it so you can cut 2 stocking shapes out.  Also make sure your pieces will fit together if the material you are using has a right side and wrong side.

Step 3 – Cut out 2 stockings using your paper template, then remove your paper template.

Step 4 – Decorate your stocking.  We cut out shapes in coloured and printed Christmas material and made a Snowman and Christmas tree.  You can then sew or glue the pieces in place.  

Things to think about – are you going to have a front and back?  If gluing the pieces in place make sure you leave it to dry.  When positioning them make sure you leave enough room along the sides to allow you to sew the stocking together.

Step 5 – Cut out the white trim for the top opening of your stocking.  In this example you would need a piece of white material 32cm long and 14cm wide. 

Step 6 – Pin your stocking together ready for sewing.  Firstly place your stocking pieces on a flat surface right sides together and pin the long side of the stocking.  Open up the 2 attached pieces and place your white trim in place for the top of the stocking.  We folded the white trim over the top of the stocking so it provided a trim both inside and outside to give a neater finish.

Step 7 – Decide where you wish for the ribbon to go which will be used to hang the stocking and pin in place.

Step 8 –  Sew the white trim in place, sewing all along the bottom line of the trim all the way round the top of the stocking.  Make sure you sew through the white material and stocking material.

Step 8 – Making sure the stocking is inside out, pin the other sides of the stocking together and sew all the way around, ensuring you sew through all the trim and ribbon making it secure.

Step 9 –  Turn the stocking the right way round and if needed give it an iron to flatten it out.

Step 10 – Hang in place and fill with presents.


If you have any problems or questions about making a stocking please get in touch and we will help in anyway we can.

Happy Christmas crafting!

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