Hours of Fun Craft Countdown to Christmas – Christmas Tree Decorations. 12 days to go!

Hours of Fun are counting down the days until Christmas by sharing a different Christmas activity each day.  Starting today with the last post being published on Christmas Eve.

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me………A handmade Christmas decoration!

Make your own Christmas Tree decorations.

Christmas tree decorations are lots of fun and can be as simple or as tricky as you wish to take on.  Using Christmas coloured felt, foam and material pieces  you can create gorgeous decorations to add to your tree.

Snowmen, Christmas trees, stockings, angels, reindeer and snowflakes are fab shapes to work with, accessorising with googly eyes, glitter, shapes, ribbon and beads.

Hours of Fun sell make your own Christmas Tree Decoration kits which contain everything you need to make a decoration along with instructions, and we are happy to put together a particular shape or colour theme for you.  You may even be able to make a decoration using items around the house.  Have a wander around and see what you can find.  Look for scraps of material, old clothes, cotton wool, coloured paper, coloured card, ribbon,  string, buttons and stickers.    Find your scissors and glue and get crafting.

Draw the shape you want to use onto some plain paper, we will use a Snowman in this example.  Cut the Snowman out and use it as your template.  Trace the shape onto your material, foam, card, make sure you use something that will hold its shape when hung.  Decorate the Snowman by cutting out and gluing on a hat, scarf, buttons and arms if you wish, don’t forget to give him a face!  You will need to attach some ribbon or string to the top of the Snowman so he can be hung from the tree, this can be done by making a hole in the Snowman and threading a piece of ribbon through or by gluing it on – make sure it is secure as you don’t want it falling from the tree.

Other ideas

Buy some polystyrene balls which you can get from craft shops and decorate them with Christmas printed materials, ribbon and sequins.  These create fantastic baubles and you can make a set of matching colours to fit in with your colour scheme.

Buy plain baubles and paint them with Christmas pictures and designs, why not use glitter and googly eyes to add effects.


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