Make up, hair dryer and stars bursting out, perfect for a special 14th birthday party.

It is always nice to be asked to do family birthday cakes and this one was for Meghann who was turning 14 and having a birthday day and night with friends.  Her mum had kept the cake a secret from her and we delivered it the day before her birthday and Meghann didn’t even know we had been up to Blackpool at that point!

Meghann had seen a cake I had done previously with make up and stars and had talked about it being similar to this.  I even printed 2 pictures of my own cakes out for reference.  This was rather exciting as it showed my portfolio of cakes was growing well and they also came up on the google images search yeay!

I checked in with her mum on any specifics for the cake decoration and colours, flavour was to be vanilla sponge with buttercream filling.  I then set to work as I had 4 cakes due all for last week so I had to be organised.

I had recently spotted a gorgeous way to decorate round the side of the cake by using a design wheel modelling tool and was keen to try it out.  The one made by PME has 3 different textures you can produce and one of them looks like stitching.  Using this wheel you can pattern the cake and then place edible silver balls as the finishing touch.  This method however, does require some practice and more preparation before commencing wheeling.  I started out well but I then lost the angle of my line and the pattern went slightly askew.  I need to try this again soon using a more appropriate straight line tool and maybe a template I can use to ensure the size of each line and shape remains the same.  It still looks effective even with a wonky pattern, and it is a very simple way of dressing up the cake so I am keen to master it.

Happy birthday Meghann.  Sorry we missed you on Thursday but SURPRISE!

2 thoughts on “Make up, hair dryer and stars bursting out, perfect for a special 14th birthday party.

  1. I love it!!!!!!! For obvious reasons but mainly cos its ace!!! 🙂 Your straigteners are fantastic 🙂 Loving your work!!! 🙂

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