Cupcakes – I am still unclear on how I feel about them!!

A friend at work asked if I could do some cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday and despite the request and how I may feel about cupcakes, I hear the words ‘yes course I can’ come out of my mouth.  Cupcakes hey….. still not sure on where I stand with them!!

The design was simple lots of pink.  The first part of making the cupcakes was looking at boxes and cupcake cases, this part was fun!  I haven’t spent much time looking at options for different coloured and patterned cases, and then I saw you could get matching boxes with cupcake holders in them – brilliant!  I love placing my orders with cake and normally it is made up of mostly boxes and lids for cakes to go in, with the odd little treat for myself.  This time my treat was purple glitter and new daisy plunger set and my boxes included new designs and shapes.

Next stage of cupcakes is to make them.  My friend Lou Lou is a bit of a master with cupcakes and a piping bag full of buttercream.  She advised me early on to ensure I use decent cupcake cases which are slightly larger than the ones you can often get in the supermarket, but not quite as large as muffin cases.  They are also stronger and keep their shape better, especially if you place them in a muffin baking tray.  So far so good.

Final stage is decorating and this is the stage I am not too keen on!  I find that my piping bags seem to split a lot, regardless of how full they are or how I hold them and squeeze them.  There is also the fun of colouring the buttercream as the final shade depends on a lot of factors – amount of colouring used, type of butter used, temperature in the room at the time …..  Then you have different nozzles for different techniques and patterns, and if this wasnt enough you have to then repeat your decoration a number of times.  If you are simply doing swirls then this is not too repetitive, however if you are modelling or decorating them in a theme or with some detail then this can be extremely time-consuming.  Give me 1 large cake to decorate over cupcakes anytime!!

I was really happy with the cupcakes when they were done and I hope Emily had a fantastic birthday party.  I gave them my cupcake stand too so they could display them on the table with the food.

I am still however, not sure if I am a fan of cupcakes!  I love eating them and I will happily make them for anyone that asks, I just don’t think I would choose to make them.  I also may have a panic attack if anyone asked for them to be done for their wedding cake!!


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