Felt handmade sewing book, a perfect gift for a friend’s birthday

Since my felt addiction started last year I have made quite a few things out of felt including sewing books.  The first sewing book I made was a single sheet of decorated felt, folded in half with a felt insert for placing pins and other sewing accessories.  This is similar design to the sewing book my mum has and she has had it as long as I remember and I love it!

I then took the sewing book to a new level, making it more of a book design with a pocket on the inside along with a place to keep scissors and other marked out sections.  The first one I made went a little wrong but was still fab so I decided to keep it for myself and I use it all the time.  I often travel with a small box of craft things so I can finish off something or start a new project if I get any time and my sewing book is perfect for carrying around, I have scissors, pins, buttons, threads and needles all to hand.


My friend; Louise’s birthday was the first of those we had decided to hand craft something for their present.  I thought Louise would love a sewing book and then found a pair of mini scissors with a cat on them to go inside, as Louise is a big cat lover the theme was set yeay!

When I told Kev about the idea he proceeded to tell me Louise had seen my sewing book and squealed and loved it – yeay perfect present!!

I was really pleased with how the sewing book turned out and hope Louise loved her birthday present.  I really enjoyed making the present and I could get Kev to do things for me whilst I made it as part of his contribution to the gift – team work!!


These handmade sewing books are available in the Hours of Fun shop, they can be made to design too just contact me and let me know what you would like.

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