My new ribbon cutter and embossing set – it’s amazing!

For my birthday my friend Lou Lou got me a ribboner and it is amazing.  We are not sure if that is the proper name for this piece of equipment but have decided that is the name we are going for.

This amazing tool can be used to help decorate cakes by cutting out strips that can be straight or wavy and of all different widths.  It can indent and emboss designs onto icing to produce beautiful textures and patterns.    For anyone who has used a knife and ruler to cut strips out of icing, you will know this can be rather a painful process with the icing stretching mid cut resulting in a wonky stripes or finger marks on the icing from holding the ruler in place.  If you have experienced this then you need a ribboner in your life!

I have had the opportunity to use it twice last week and it was amazing!  I used it to make a wooden fence where I cut out lots of strips of brown icing then trimmed them to size and stuck them round the cake.  I also used it to do a brick wall cake by cutting out long strips of icing, cutting them down to brick size and then I stuck them all over the cake.  It produces strips of even width and took no time at all to cut all the bricks out.  This would have taken me at least double the length of time if I had done it by ruler and knife.

When I went to cake class at college, one of the first things I learnt is that cake decorating is all about the tools.  This is 100% true and this tool is up there with some of the best and I have a feeling I will be using it a lot!  Thank you Lou Lou for my amazing present.

I also got to use it on the birthday cake for Lou Lou, post coming on this cake in a few days.

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