Learning to make Stargazer lilies out of petal paste – not half as scary as I imagined!

Back in June 2010, during one of my cake classes at Knowsley College, our tutor came in announced it was challenge time on the flowers.  She then proceeded to show us a stargazer lily and how to make them.  The classroom was filled mostly with laughter as we attempted these flowers with little success!  I managed to produce something that resembled a stargazer lily and was extremely pleased with myself as it was tricky!  unfortunately at some point later, the stargazer lily fell to the floor and smashed into pieces and i did not, for one minute, think I would be required to make another!

Until Jo and Adam’s wedding!

The challenge started with discussions on the fact I had done one before. I dug out the photo thinking I could show Jo, however on seeing it there was no way I was going to show it Jo as it did not look anywhere near good enough to go on a gorgeous wedding cake!

My timetable of cake tasks meant I started flowers in January and I started off as i meant to continue – on schedule!  I did lots of research on the internet, printed pictures off and went to a florist to get a real flower as a model.  I set up a work station at the dinning room table and had a play around with the templates and ball tool to see what effect I could get.

I then got a system going for each stage of the flower.  First – cut out and shape the petals then leave to dry overnight, then colour the petals and again leave to dry overnight and finally put them together to make a flower.  I lost a few petals along the way, but all in all they turned out fab yeay!!  I now have 4 flowers and about 15 petals that I had spare and didn’t use.  If you get a cake off me in the next few months, it may well have a lily or two on top!!


If you fancy having a go at making stargazer lilies, I recommend this site . The instructions are clear and the pictures help to understand each step.  Good luck!  I would love to see your pictures of any sugar paste flowers you have made.

2 thoughts on “Learning to make Stargazer lilies out of petal paste – not half as scary as I imagined!

  1. When I grow up I want to be as good as you at making flowers!!! I thank you SO much for my lesson last week, you are amazing. These flowers are perfect Rach, I know you were scared about them but they are truly brilliant and you have defo mastered this skill. Perect! 🙂 x

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