Giant ladybird birthday cake for Lozzamobile!

Without planning it, it has become the norm to choose a cake for Lorraine out of a cake book I have that has the best cakes in ever!  There is a good mix of cakes, some quite straight forward and some super tricky!  So far we have made from the book a princess castle and gingerbread house that both turned out somewhat different from the pictures in the book!    There are a couple in there that are on the list to make for Lorraine but this year I didn’t have lots of time so needed to choose something that was not too complex.

The Ladybird looked super cute and quite straight forward so that was the plan.

She turned out cute, with rather a small head compared to her body which I feel adds character!

Happy Birthday Lorraine.  Hope you enjoyed your cake xx

2 thoughts on “Giant ladybird birthday cake for Lozzamobile!

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